What's healing? Which is more important, physical or spiritual healing? In these times of COVID, we continue to bring you a set of conversations to help ground us in the spiritual. On this one, Kirsten Santos joins Dan Assisi, Suzana Simoes, and Flavio Zanetti for a live broadcast about healing from a spiritual perspective.
In these times of COVID, let's talk about those quarantining at home next to us: our families! Join Suzana, Dan, Flavio and Andreia for a live broadcast about family from a spiritual perspective.
Dr Sonia Doi from the Spiritist Medical Association joins Suzana, Flavio, and Dan live on Facebook for a conversation about COVID-19, the latest Coronavirus.
Suicides are getting out of hand: let's talk about it. Join Dan, Flavio, and Mackenzie for a spiritual take on suicide, its causes, and what we can do to help out.
Dan and Flavio join Mackenzie at his backyard in Salem, MA, to talk about how we can figure out if we are getting more spiritual.
Join the conversation on how Spiritism can help us make sense of the world. Dan Assisi, Jussara Korngold, Julio Carvalho, Nahur Fonseca, and Eduardo Haddad talk live at the 13th US Spiritist Symposium on May 4, 2019. (Video version available on YouTube or FB)
Do we need to work on ourselves? Join Dan in a conversation with Heather, Jana, Lia, and David in exploring the question of personal growth. Filmed with a live audience at the 13th US Spiritist Symposium in New Jersey on May 4, 2019.
Join Dan Assisi, Suzana Simoes, and Flavio Zanetti live as they celebrate the 166th anniversary of the publishing of Spiritism's seminal work, "The Spirits' Book".
Dan and Suzana join Daniela Oliveira at the 10th-anniversary of the Spiritist Society of Chicago to talk about what is a Spiritist Center. What is it, after all?
Dan goes to London and talks a little history with Janet Duncan, the first translator into English of The Gospel According to Spiritism, at the Spiritist Society of London.