Ghosts, spooky monsters, lots of candy, oh my!

Join Dan and Flavio in a conversation with Mackenzie Melo and Angy Stewart about Halloween and the spiritual concepts behind the origin of one of the most enjoyed and misunderstood holidays in our calendar.

Dan, Suzana, and Flavio host a conversation with Lawrence Savill about Spiritualism and Spiritism. Lawrence is a Spiritualist from the Poole Spiritualist Church and, together with Fabricio Assunção from the Spiritist Society of Bournemouth, they've been carrying out joint events over the past year. Larry brings a great lens through which we can understand this close relationship between Spiritualism and Spiritism.
Dani, Suzana, and Flavio host a conversation about mediumship. What is it? What types of mediumship are there? What do we make of it?
Charles Kempf joins Flavio, Suzanna, and Dan to talk about a topic about Spiritism's own identity: is it a religion? Why or why not? And what does that mean?
Dan and Flavio host Vanessa Anseloni and Frederico Gouveia to talk about hate and intolerance from a Spiritist perspective. It's 2021 and we still have lots of problems. How can that be? What can we do? Reincarnation may be the key.
Dan Assisi, Suzana Simoes, and Flavio Zanetti get together to talk about gratitude. Join us for a conversation about the incredible impact it can have in our lives.
Join us for a special edition of Spiritist Conversations recorded live at the U.S. Spiritist Symposium. Dan Assisi helps start the conversation with Anna Moreno, Peter Hays, Sunshine Beck, Adrian Martinez and... YOU!
Time for Music! Flavio Zanetti and Dan Assisi will be joined by Adam Osborne (UK) and Frederico Gouveia (NY) for a conversation about music -- but from a spiritual perspective.
Join Suzana Simoes, Flavio Zanetti, Dan Assisi and guest Heather Bollech-Fonseca for a conversation about the meaning behind a modern Spiritist term that is highly relevant during COVID times: "Planetary Transition".
Dan and Flavio are joined by Jussara Korngold to talk about the movie "Kardec" with director Wagner de Assis.