War: What Is It Good For?

For the 40th episode, Dan, Suzana, and Flavio return to Atlanta, Georgia, to celebrate seven years of Spiritist Conversations. After a trip down memory lane, they engage in a timely conversation about war- of all kinds- with guest Edward Christie from New York.

What Is Umbral?

Mackenzie Melo returns to Spiritist Conversations to discuss a concept that is often misunderstood in Spiritism: “Umbral.”

What is “umbral”, anyway? What are these spiritual zones, and what do they have to do with us?

Join Flavio, Suzana, and Dan for another Spiritist Conversations!


For a bonus read, visit Dan’s blog to read “What is Umbral Anyway?

Jesus, Leader

Jesus is often seen as a religious figure, but are there lessons we can learn from Him about leadership and management?

International leadership coach Sharon Seivert joins Dan, Suzana, and Flavio for a conversation about Jesus’ leadership style and insights we can gather for our day-to-day lives.



What Are Spiritist Passes?

Passes, the application of spiritual and magnetic healing energies, is a popular activity at Spiritist groups. How does it work? What can it do for us?

Dan, Flavio, and Suzana invite Dr. Sonai Doi, president of the International Spiritist Medical Association, to discuss passes and their uses.

Who Is Allan Kardec?

Spiritist Conversations returns for its 6th year by going back to the beginning of Spiritism by asking, “Who is Allan Kardec?” 

To help shed light on the topic, Spiritist researcher and friend Charles Kempf joins Dan, Suzana, and Flavio directly from France.

Lessons From the Pandemic

Almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, what higher lessons have we learned?

Dan, Suzana, and Flavio stop to reflect on mental health, virtual meetings, self-sufficiency, fear of death, and more.


Ghosts, spooky monsters, lots of candy, oh my!

Join Dan and Flavio in a conversation with Mackenzie Melo and Angy Stewart about Halloween and the spiritual concepts behind the origin of one of the most enjoyed and misunderstood holidays in our calendar.

Spiritism and Spiritualism: Brothers From Different Mothers

Dan, Suzana, and Flavio host a conversation with Lawrence Savill about Spiritualism and Spiritism.
Lawrence is a Spiritualist from the Poole Spiritualist Church and, together with Fabricio Assunção from the Spiritist Society of Bournemouth, they’ve been carrying out joint events over the past year.
Larry brings a great lens through which we can understand this close relationship between Spiritualism and Spiritism.

What Is This Mediumship Thing?

Dani, Suzana, and Flavio host a conversation about mediumship.
What is it? What types of mediumship are there? What do we make of it?