In August of 2016, Dan showed up at a Spiritist event in Atlanta with a new microphone and an idea: what if he could corral Suzana and Flavio to record one of their conversations and share them with other folks as a podcast? Fortunately, they agreed. The rest is history.

The three of them — Dan Assisi, Suzana Simoes, and Flavio Zanetti — often met at different Spiritist events they either attended or spoke at throughout the US. Living in different parts of the country (CA, FL, and MA), whenever they came together at such events, they would sit down to chat about things after the fact. While the events themselves were always enlightening, the conversations that ensued afterwards offered a more informal forum in which to catch up, ask questions of each other, debate different topics — in short, enjoy each other’s company and learn together. These conversations about Spiritism offered a level of interactivity not always present during formal talks.

They also noticed something else: other people seemed to enjoy it too. They would linger around, often joining the conversation. Different people would pop in, have a chance to ask question that were important to them, get different perspectives, meet new people, laugh a little along the way. Eventually, some people would ask them whether they were planning on gathering after the events. That was the final clue that maybe other people would really enjoy listening in. 

Fast forward to years later, and we now have “Spiritist Conversations”, a show where we sit down with friends to talk about things through a Spiritist lens in an unscripted, unplugged, and informal way. That’s the whole idea: friends, talking, without a script. That is also why Spiritist Conversations does not always happen on a set schedule — life, friendship and good conversation can’t always be planned. Spiritist Conversation is not about the quantity of conversations, but the quality. If you miss us, you can always revisit a previous episode… 😉 

Along the way, we’ve made many friends who joined us for different episode. That’s part of the idea too: to expand our circle of friends, to hear from different perspectives, to have more folks get to know each other as they join the conversations. We want out friends to become yours too — and would not mind meeting yours either. So, pull up a chair, find a comfortable position, and join the conversation. We would love to have you with us!